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At the Harrison Neighborhood Association, we build collective leadership based in the experiences, knowledge, and resilience of our community. Our neighborhood sits at the intersection of enormous opportunity, while at the same time we continue to be shaped by the destructive impact of racial inequity.

We believe that change happens through community leadership and self-determination, and that large-scale public decisions have the best outcomes when they are shaped by the people most impacted by those decisions.

If we want to build authentic community power, we have to step up and invest in ourselves, and we need our allies to join us in that investment. 

This is why we are launching INVEST IN HARRISON – a new initiative to encourage Harrison residents, stakeholders, allies, businesses to contribute financially to building our power as a community.  It’s not about how much you give, but about stepping up and believing in the place where we live.

Thank you for taking the step of contributing financially to a shared vision of community power.  Every investment and each contribution makes a serious difference in our ability to do this work. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  • Jeffrey Berger
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